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Why Should You Hire New Generation?
At New Generation Refinishing we understand your need of finding a reliable company that provides a quality bathroom restoration and renovation process at an affordable price. Therefore, New Generation Refinishing specializes in bringing you a high quality bathtub refinishing process that saves you money and time.

How can we at New Generation save you money?
Our bathtub refinishing process will save you up to 70% the cost over replacing your bathtub. In general, when you are thinking of replacing your bathtub, not only should you think of the cost of the bathtub, but you should add other costs such as ripping the tub out of the bathroom, tearing the tile or walls and floor, plumbing, installation of the actual tub, and any other costs that may arise. All of this costs could add up to $3000 or more. On the other hand, refinishing your bathtub only costs you a small fraction of the cost of replacing your tub. 

How can we at New Generation save you time?
Our bathtub refinishing procedure only takes about 3 to 4 hours to do, and you only have to wait 24 hours for the tub to dry and to be usable again. If you are thinking of replacing your bathtub, you should think about the time that is involved in this process. Replacing your bathtub can take up to one or two weeks. Plus, you would have people walking in and out of your house for that long period of time. Thus, not only our bathtub refinishing solution is affordable, but it is very convenient as it saves you tons of your precious time.

Why should we at New Generation refinish your bathtub?
Not only do we offer an affordable alternative to bathtub replacement, but we offer a quality bathtub refinishing service that is backed up by our experienced team of technicians and our great warranty. We use the highest quality equipment and materials in the industry, and we are dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience with our superior services. 

What other surfaces can we at New Generation refinish and restore?
We also specialize in refinishing other bathroom and kitchen surfaces. We refinish tile, countertops, sinks, and cabinets. 
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